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Juju's 'One Wall Project' is an exhibition space located within the main bar area.
Upcoming ExhibitionAdam Krishan Popli

Unmistakably innocent in pink, Adam Krishan Popli’s new painting series, marks a continuing exploration into the their life journey and a shift within the artist’s subject matter. Drawn from the inspiration of Adam’s poem written last year, whilst the world was on standstill due to Covid, Adam took time out to delve deep into past trauma and confronting a side to their self that they usually would blissfully ignore. Mental health is at the core of this series, as Adam translated a dialogue through the intimate process of layering their paintings, giving a visualization to the feelings they were transitioning through. "Beginning my creative process with a poem opened a narrative I was not prepared for. I knew it was imperative for me to take time in creative incubation and allow the space to nurture the fragility of vulnerable place I was in. The size, space and sensation of each painting allowed a process of delayering to occur, tapping into the unconscious space of the mind.
This series of work looks at the deeper levels of trauma and depression, which can remain unresolved and never fully dealt with. Each painting pays homage to my personal self-care and learning to love the individual I have become. The abstract visual language offers my audience a time to reflect and gain insight to the layers we all carry."

Deep down there is a place of the unknown.
The heart pulls the strings to ignite the pain that was neatly forgotten.
Learning to let the body cry the tears the soul choose to hide.
For the child that once was, has their time to heal.
Mind so detached, it longed for it to reconnect itself.
Transition the narrative.
Release the realised emotions which have unlocked the chamber they once resided in.
A dove owning its wings for the first time.
The snake peeling the old layer to reveal a multi-coloured skin.
The oak tree planted her knowledge and allowed her seed to relish in her wisdom.
An intimate exchange, guided by the souls of a forgotten past.
The cornerstone of knowledge, allowed a heightened understanding of one’s self.
Manifesting their unique magic.
Guided by the darkness, the layers of untold wisdom opened to the light.
A pure state of harmonious bliss.
Awoken up from a slumber which you felt would never end.
Unmistakably innocent in PINK
Previous Exhibition"Save your tears honey" by KEO

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Juju’s is renewing its Art collection for its 2021 grand reopening! Join us on Friday 28th May for the launch of the exhibition ‘SAVE YOUR TEARS HONEY’ brought to you by the talented artist KEO, a multi-media artist from London.

With a degree in Illustration and a background in painting and mural art, KEO’s work is a celebration of colour and a balancing act of pattern, layers and form. Using an ever-increasing array of materials, KEO creates a chaotic harmony between polarising materials, weaving patterns and textures with bold images and text.

Her work is influenced by colour, pop culture, nature, music and the artists own experience in life. KEO’s work often depicts female beings and animals, with an interest of exploring the light and dark within life using a playful, imaginative, kitsch aesthetic.
Previous ExhibitionManon et Jacob

Manon et Jacob are a film making and photography duo.

Once upon a time they were working independently in the creative industries, shooting for a multitude of brands. With international exhibitions, TV commercials, editorial and digital content under both their belts, things were going pretty well...

Until they stumbled upon one another work. At this point either jealously or comrade had to kick in. so they met all smiles but with fingers on triggers held under the table. Success! Soon they became inseparable and grew more deeply obsessed with one another’s work.

In early 2008, Manon et Jacob was formed, using their existing bodies of work to pave the way for a new aesthetic.

Now they work with brands, musicians and fashion houses creative campaigns and developing identities with photography with film.

They are all about shooting people unconventionally, they tell real stories in an offbeat manner, ever searching for the exuberant in all they capture for print, content, editorial and advertising.
Previous ExhibitionOaxacan Art Show

Agave is arguably Mexico's most important plant. It has been used for millenia in food, drink and textiles. Subject to ancient myths and legends, agave is even depicted framing the Virgin de Guadalupe in Catholic iconography. However, the main use of this amazing plant is in the production of mezcal.

Connoisseurship of mezcal has brought Oaxaca into the spotlight as the 'heart of mezcal' country. Made infamous by Lowry's Under the Volcano, mezcal is both fuel and subject for many local artists and Oaxaca continues to host a thriving creative community. Some of Mexico's most prestigious artists came from this region, such as Rufino Tamayo and Manuel Alvarez Bravo, while others have pilgrimaged there from round the world, including Frida Kahlo, Leanora Carrington, Cartier Bresson and DH Lawrence.

This event launches an exhibition of graphic prints and photography showcasing Oaxaca, the heartland of mezcal production. There will also be presentations about traditional and contemporary art in Oaxaca and the relationship this has to modern day and historical production. The event will also be the opening of a six week show curated by Anna Bruce featuring a wealth of exciting artists from Mexico.
Previous ExhibitionCarnavalera

Sergio Falomir started Barrio Latino Project during his trip to South America helping local folk bands preserve their music and heritage. After a few months he had amassed a large collection of memories in the shape of music, film & photography.

This portrait collection documents the people he encountered on the road during his journey from Argentina to La Havana. Falomir's adventures on the road included walking in the last steps of Che Guevara, spending a night in the silver mines of Potosí, crossing the biggest salt dessert of the world, riding across the Death Road on a bicycle, surviving in the Amazon with a machete and a mosquito net, reaching the sacred mountain of Machu Picchu, dancing Cumbia in Barranquilla's Carnival and learning to grow coffee on Señor Antonio's farm.

These are the faces of Latin America
Previous ExhibitionSpecial Request

An exhibition of photography and print celebrating the launch of the second edition of Special Request magazine. The brainchild of creative director and designer Paul Sethi, Special Request #2 focuses on television, exploring all aspects of the form and offering its own take on today's reincarnation of the enduring TV beast as we know it today. With insights and contributions from writer and artists such as Karuki Murakami, Buzz Aldrin, Phillip Pullman, Seth Troxler and Hayden Kays, Special Request pulls apart TV and looks at it through fresh yet nostalgic eyes.
Previous ExhibitionKaty Mason Solo Show

An exhibition showcasing collages from Truman Brewery's Gallery Six Member, Katy Mason.

Inspired by her work in textiles and fashion, Katy layers up conceptual illustrations with fabric, objects, jewellery and paint with an aim to produce peices with depth, texture and 3D features. Playing with the shapes and features of the face, using textiles to repeat and hone in on certain areas, Katy's uniquie work has a dream like and juxtaposed quality.
Previous ExhibitionIn Loving Memory of Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Robin's 5th solo show, looking at how a sense of spirituality can be achieved through colour and form. The art of the secular atheist, the show uses twelve nearly abstract paintings as an installation.
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