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EXHIBITION OPENING: Unmistakably innocent in PINK by Adam Krishan Popli

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EXHIBITION OPENING: Unmistakably innocent in PINK by Adam Krishan Popli

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Juju’s is renewing its Art collection! Join us on Friday 1st of October from 7:30pm for the launch of the exhibition ‘Unmistakably innocent in PINK’ brought to you by the talented Adam Krishan Popli.

Unmistakably innocent in pink, Adam Krishan Popli’s new painting series, marks a continuing exploration into their life journey and a shift within the artist’s subject matter. Drawn from the inspiration of Adam’s poem written last year, whilst the world was on standstill due to Covid, Adam took time out to delve deep into past trauma and confronting aside to themself that they usually would blissfully ignore. Mental health is at the core of this series, as Adam translated a dialogue through the intimate process of layering their paintings, giving a visualization of the feelings they were transitioning through.

“Beginning my creative process with a poem opened a narrative I was not prepared for. I knew it was imperative for me to take time in creative incubation and allow the space to nurture the fragility of the vulnerable place I was in. The size, space and sensation of each painting allowed a process of delayering to occur, tapping into the unconscious space of the mind.

This series of work looks at the deeper levels of trauma and depression, which can remain unresolved and never fully dealt with. Each painting pays homage to my personal self-care and learning to love the individual I have become. The abstract visual language offers my audience a time to reflect and gain insight into the layers we all carry.”

Deep down there is a place of the unknown.
The heart pulls the strings to ignite the pain that was neatly forgotten.
Learning to let the body cry the tears the soul choose to hide.
For the child that once was, has their time to heal.
Mind so detached, it longed for it to reconnect itself.
Transition the narrative.
Release the realised emotions which have unlocked the chamber they once resided in.
A dove owning its wings for the first time.
The snake peeling the old layer to reveal a multi-coloured skin.
The oak tree planted her knowledge and allowed her seed to relish in her wisdom.
An intimate exchange, guided by the souls of a forgotten past.
The cornerstone of knowledge, allowed a heightened understanding of one’s self.
Manifesting their unique magic.
Guided by the darkness, the layers of untold wisdom opened to the light.
A pure state of harmonious bliss.
Awoken up from a slumber which you felt would never end.
Unmistakably innocent in PINK

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