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Juju’s Presents: Loverground All Night Long

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Juju’s Presents: Loverground All Night Long
We proudly welcome Loverground back to Juju’s, this time playing all night long! The multi-instrumentalist will take to the turntables to bring us his signature dream-house sound. Come down and party with the Juju’s fam!
Loverground is the project of multi-instrumentalist Kevin Erlicher. Former leader of the indie band Smooth Ends, the Franco-Argentinian, now based in London, draws his influences in pop, house, and r&b.
Music has always been an integral part of his life. At a very young age, he began to explore different sounds and genres of music, both as a listener and as a musician. More recently Kevin Erlicher says he has been influenced by artists like Peggy Gou, Jayda G or even Bradley Zero. He draws inspiration from elements of his daily life to create haunting lyrics accompanied by melodies that mix electronic music, pop and soul. Captivated by what sound experimentation can bring, he wishes to share and transcribe the personal experiences he has had with music through his original creations.
Free entry, tasty cocktails and even tastier tunes!
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