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Silent Sofa Cinema Club – Die Hard

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Silent Sofa Cinema Club – Die Hard
7:00pm - 9:30pm
Let’s get in the festive mood with the Juju’s Silent Sofa Cinema Club! Hunker down on our comfy chesterfield sofas, don your silent disco style headphones and immerse yourself in our selection of festive film classics showing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday through end of November to December.
Come along for a 7PM viewing of classic Christmas movie Die Hard.
It’s up there with ‘Is a hot dog a sandwich?’ and ‘Is cereal a soup?’ as one of those goofy online debates that’s so played out your eyes cross whenever it heats up again, so let’s just put it to bed right now: yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. C’mon: it takes place on Christmas Eve. Run-DMC’s immortal ‘Christmas in Hollis’ is on the soundtrack. Some have even argued that it’s secretly a remake of It’s a Wonderful Life. Look, you can and should watch John McTiernan’s action classic year-round – but for our money, ringing in the season with the sound of machine-gun fire, C4 explosions and Alan Rickman’s accent sure beats the heck out of sleigh bells.
Tickets are £5 with a free drink included. Redeem your free drink at the bar, with soft drinks, alcoholic drinks or a gingerbread spiced hot-chocolate option.
You can also pre-order additional drinks to enjoy with your film -including mulled wine/cider, a bottle of house wine or a bucket of 4x Sol beer. Simply add on at checkout.
This film will begin promptly at 7PM so please arrive 15 minutes early to grab your drinks and seats.
5pm Saturday screenings are especially selected with families in mind but all other screenings are 18+ only.
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