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Tuesday Talk: The Psychology of Fetish and Kink w/ Lindsay Dukes

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Tuesday Talk: The Psychology of Fetish and Kink w/ Lindsay Dukes

A recent study in the UK found that approximately 50% of adults reported having a fetish or kink. Despite their prevalence, they are often shrouded in taboo and misunderstanding. In this talk you will learn about the psychological and biological underpinnings of these practices – from exploring the latest research on fetishism to examining the role of power dynamics in kink.

Discover the psychological and social factors that drive fetish and kink behaviours and learn about the ways in which individuals who engage in these practices experience pleasure and fulfilment. This is a unique opportunity to engage in an open and non-judgmental discussion of fetish and kink, and to learn more about the psychology behind these practices.

Lindsay Dukes is a Clinical Sexologist / Sex & Relationship Therapist specialising in Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity (GSRD) including Kink, BDSM & Consensual Non-Monogamy. Lindsay has been working with, and within kink communities across the UK, Europe and Asia as a writer, performer and educator since 2015. Her therapeutic work focuses on re-centring consent, communication and pleasure as radical components for human connectivity.

Doors open at 7pm, talk starts at 7.30pm – come down early to grab a good seat!

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