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Tuesday Talk: The Psychology of Psychopaths with Dr. Jonathan Iliff

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Tuesday Talk: The Psychology of Psychopaths with Dr. Jonathan Iliff

About this event

Humans are light and dark. We are all parts good and bad. But for a small slice of the population that balance is a harder thing to find.

Psychopathy is a cocktail of narcissism, restlessness and a dearth of empathy. And when this heady drink spills out in anti-social behaviour – and upon the white tablecloth of the society that supports it – we all feel its stain.

Where inside us is that evil made?

It is an intoxicating question.

So let’s look inside someone so careless they could kill. Someone so superficial they could be gone tomorrow. Someone so restless they might leave us holding the bomb. These select attributes seen in a select few have been selected for – and they have reached rarefied positions in our society. They matter.

So how does neuroscience, society and psychology make a psychopath – and could we ever cure it? Would one ever let us? And should we even try?

In this talk, Dr Jonathan Iliff, NHS doctor, psychiatrist and mental health researcher will explore all these questions and more. He’ll share his experience and his knowledge to help you peek inside the most shadowed minds imaginable. Drawing from his patients, his research and history into the present day we will dissect the mind of broken humanity. From high security prisons, to psychedelic experiments, and into the brain scanner – we will go on a journey to understand them better – challenging archetypes and assumptions.

Doors Open 7pm, Talk Starts 7.30pm. Come down early to grab a good seat!

This is a 16+ event. 

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