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Tuesday Talk: The Science of Drugs: MDMA, Cocaine, Ketamine & 2C-B

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Tuesday Talk: The Science of Drugs: MDMA, Cocaine, Ketamine & 2C-B

Learn how party drugs affect the human brain and body from an NHS doctor & psychedelic researcher….

MDMA, Ketamine, Cocaine and 2C-B. These substances are rife on the UK streets, now you can learn what they actually do to the body.

Our Drug Expert, Medical Doctor & Psychedelic Researcher, Dr. Jonathan Iliff, will be explaining the the effects and risks of these drugs and also how some are even used to treat mental health conditions . From pharmacology to comedowns, harm reduction to bioavailability, The Science of The Sesh will give you the lowdown on your weekend antics.

The talk will be followed by a Q&A where you can ask any burning questions!

Dr Jonathan Iliff is a psychiatrist and medical doctor in the NHS, with a background in neuroscience and psychedelic drug research. Jonathan has been an associate researcher with the psychedelic research group attached to King’s College, was the founder and chair of the UCL Society for the Application of Psychedelics and has worked with prominent figures in the field. His research focused on the use of psychedelic compounds, like LSD and psilocybin – the active ingredient in magic mushrooms – a promising new treatment for depression. Today his focus is clinical – focussing on helping with people, and their problems in the here and now.

Doors Open 7pm, Talk Starts 7.30pm

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