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Vogue Rites: P-Valley Valentine’s Vogue Ball

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Vogue Rites: P-Valley Valentine’s Vogue Ball

Join us this Valentine’s evening for Vogue Rites’ P-Valley themed vogue ball. P-Valley is a fictional TV show that follows the lives of strip-club dancers working down in the Dirty Delta at The Pynk club. When darkness descends upon Chucalissa, everybody and their mama must fight tooth and talon to survive.

Bring it in dashes of Pink, Diamantes or Rhinestones. Think Sexy Strip Club Attire or bring it as one of your favourite characters from the show. 

Vogue rites club night/mini-ball series for the London Ballroom scene and their friends, providing an inclusive and supportive space for people who want to be part of Ball culture.

Ballroom is an intentional space for Queer/Trans People of Colour. Popularised by one of its many competitive categories – Voguing, a dance-based art form with rhythmic posing – Ballroom is a culture created by Black and Latinx LGBT communities from the Harlem drag balls dating back over 150 years. Houses are family units that are formed as support networks, with parents of each House guiding & caring for their children, and as teams to compete together at Balls.

If you are not from this community – you are a spectator of this culture – please be mindful of the space you take up. Do not push to the front to take photos or videos, do not stand in the way of performers or house members.

If you would like to participate, make sure you understand completely what each category means before entering.

Admission: £5 for walkers / £10 for spectators 

You can purchase a ticket in advance or pay on the door. We are currently only able to accept cash on the door. Valid photo ID is also required on entry.


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