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We couldn’t be more excited to announce that Juju’s is renewing its Art collection! Join us on Friday 19th August from 7pm for the launch of the exhibition ‘STATE OF MIND’ brought to you the extremely talented painter NYUA. Expect art, conversation, DJ sets by NODEN and lots of cocktails.

STATE OF MIND is the first complete series of paintings presented by NYUA, which takes us on a journey through the most recent chapter of the artist’s life in London. The collection of mixed media paintings (mainly acrylic and pastel) follows a mould of personal experience and societal observation, which is visualised in explosive and colourful art pieces. Inspired by the different states of mind in recent years, NYUA captures personal conflicts, obstacles, achievements and blessings in his works, as well as the journey towards a balanced mind. Personal development is at the heart of the exhibition, in which each painting tells a story in itself. Each describes the steps taken and increasingly becomes a connected and harmonic piece, linking the chaos of the artist’s mind. The final piece in the series is a statement symbolizing a new beginning and opening the doors to a new chapter to come.
With a degree in film, NYUA has been influenced by the aspect of narrative and has used his appreciation of symbolism and non-verbal communication in his paintings. Figures and forms, whether hidden or fully exposed, form a large part of his artistic identity and style. Their visual execution varies according to their symbolic meaning. In addition, NYUA draws inspiration from various cultures during her travels. In particular, a chapter of time, during which NYUA lived in South Africa, shaped his artistic journey and influenced his interpretation of brushstrokes and forms. These influences, combined with a deep love and appreciation of nature, animals, colours, patterns and music, have combined to create this collection and style of expression.
The series is a diary, made up of artworks that are therapeutic confrontations with inner demons, doubts, wishes and beliefs that address themes of growth, identity and the endless search for one’s purpose in this world. The work progresses over the years and reflects the growth process of a young adult. Each painting takes a deeper look into the artist’s chaotic mind and captures NYUA’s observation through all senses. From the overwhelming madness of day and night life to the quiet periods of appreciation. From observing the wrongs and rights of society, which stimulates reflection on one’s own role in it all, to a spiritually more balanced hope of becoming the person you want to be: Someone who has shed their worries and doubts, who is open to criticism and change, who is aware not only of their surroundings but also of the people around them, who not only knows what needs to be changed but turns their thoughts into actions, without losing their gratitude for all that is and has been.⁠⁠⁠⁠
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