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Tuesday Talk: The Psychology of Love

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Tuesday Talk: The Psychology of Love

Join therapist and relationship consultant Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan for an enlightening talk on The Psychology of Love…

We’ve been taught that as long as two people really love each other, things will work out – the important part is finding love, the rest will fall into place. Over and over again movies, songs and stories remind us of the importance of finding true love for our own happily ever after.

But is love only about finding the right person? And is the only ingredient required for successful relationship true love? If that’s the case, then why are divorce rates ever growing? Did those marriages never truly have love or is there something more to this story than we realise?

In reality, building long-term love and success in a relationship requires more than just finding the right partner. Too much of our culture focuses on the pursuit of love without considering its substance, but falling in love and sustaining it are two different things and confusing the two can lead to heartache. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you will need the right knowledge and skills to sustain a loving relationship in the long-run. In this talk we will focus on understanding romantic love, why we need it, what’s its purpose and how to make it last in your relationship over the long-term.

Doors Open 7pm, Talk Starts 7.30pm. Come down early to grab a good seat and a drink!

Dr. Kathrine Bejanyan is a practicing therapist and relationship consultant in Central London. She works with individuals and couples on love, dating and relationship issues with a focus on building deeper intimacy, connection and authenticity in their love life. Outside of her private practice, Kathrine is a speaker, consultant, as well as a lecturer in psychology. She holds a PhD in Social Psychology and a Masters in Counselling Psychology. She is an accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy with a license as a Marriage Family Therapist from the United States.

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