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Laura Braithwaite (Seek Happy Days) // Exhibition Launch Party

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Laura Braithwaite (Seek Happy Days) // Exhibition Launch Party
Join us at Juju’s to celebrate the launch of a brand new art exhibition, courtesy of Laura Braithwaite a.k.a Seek Happy Days!

‘Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days’ features a series of digital photographs, playing on childhood wonder and fascination and trying to find the beauty in the not-so-beautiful. Free entry all night!


Laura Braithwaite (seek happy days) is a Nottinghamshire born photographer and creative director. After graduating with a degree in English Language and Linguistics, Laura began to desire creativity and took her career in a different, more artistic, direction. She now works as a full time freelance creative and model in London, striving every day to create something innovative and exciting. Her work aims to exhibit photography as an art form and a tool for storytelling.



Using the medium of digital photography, Laura uses her art to create her own world. This series plays on some of her fascinations as a child: looking for fairies at the end of the garden, of the longing to age into something attractive or otherworldly, and growing up trying to find beauty in the not so beautiful. All photographs in the series were taken and produced on the streets or in the parks of London – yet hold the beauty of somewhere very different. These pieces reflect her stylistic influences well, as she often takes inspiration from vintage editorials and contemporary art.

Free entry all night!

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